Rocket Queen - rocket game for money from 1win

After the resounding success of previous crash games, 1win Casino hasn't stopped and has released a new exclusive game, Rocket Queen. Our team has done the analytics and prepared a detailed review of the game for you. Check out our website to find out all about Rocket Queen: how it differs from Lucky Jet, what's new about it, how to play and more.

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Is it worthy of your attention? Definitely yes. Let's find out why it's the best game from 1win in 2023. 

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1win's Rocket Queen overview

Let's get to know the Queen of the Rocket

Rocket Queen by 1win is a classic crash simulator in the style of their previous game Lucky Jet. In terms of gameplay mechanics, nothing has changed, but it's not just a copy of the previous game in a new shell. The developers have taken into account optimization flaws, connectivity issues and optimizations on mobile devices. The game is now even more comfortable to play, and the previous level of reliability and security is still up to par, eliminating any possibility of cheating the player.

In addition, we can't ignore the design of Rocket Queen and its new character. Many would agree with us that the attractive blonde with the big bust on the rocket is the best character the 1win team has ever created. With her, Rocket Queen is sure not to go unnoticed. 

The main features of the slot are as follows: 

Technical characteristics of the game
🎰 Developer1win
✅ Release date06.2023
🎲 Type of gameCrash simulator (rocket game for money)
❤️ Game featuresAttractive girl on a rocket, fast play, big winnings, reliability
💲 Min. rate0.1$
💵 Max. rate140$
🏆 Maximum multiplier1000x
🥇 Maximum winnings280 000$
🔥 RTP97.2%
⚡️ Max. number of bets per round2
🎮 Round history40 rounds
⚙️ Pause between rounds5 sec.
🔒 Protection technologyProvably Fair
Rocket Queen slot characteristics (as of 17.03.2024)

The benefits of Rocket Queen

The new Rocket Queen 1win is gaining such rapid popularity among players from all over the world for a reason. It has been successful and is attracting new players due to advantages such as: 

  1. The best visual effects of all 1win games. The game runs smoother, the backgrounds are of higher quality, and the characters are detailed down to the smallest detail.
  2. The maximum multiplier in the game has increased to as much as 1,000x, greatly increasing the odds of getting big multipliers. But as before, it's all down to luck and the random number generator.
  3. The mechanics of the game have not been changed and remain in their most successful and beloved by players. You won't feel any problems mastering the game if you've already played crash sims or other 1win games.
  4. Improved compatibility of the game with mobile devices from the browser. Rocket Queen is much more comfortable and enjoyable to play in 1win than previous games.

The developers and designers have taken the shortcomings of past games into account and managed to release an even more exciting and beautiful game. See for yourself, but be careful and play responsibly, Rocket Queen can be very addictive. Remember that it should only be enjoyable.

How to play Rocket Queen at 1win casino for money?

Getting started with Rocket Queen is simple, just go to 1win Casino (as it is an exclusive game available only there), search for it in the search bar or in the 1win exclusive games section.

In order to start playing for real money you will need to complete a quick registration on the website, which will take less than 1-2 minutes. You will then be able to make your first deposit and receive a bonus of up to 500% of its amount. You don't have to enter any promo codes, all bonuses for new players are fully available even without them.

Without registration or deposit the player will only be able to watch other people's games and statistics in real time. 

Now you can start playing and winning at Rocket Queen. The game process is very simple and similar to other crash games.

  1. Think about what strategy you will use to play the game;
  2. Bet on the next rocket flight;
  3. Wait until the current round has ended;
  4. When a round with your bet has started, press the 'Take Back' button when your intuition (or chosen strategy) tells you to take back the money you've won;
  5. If the player fails to collect his winnings in time, the bet is forfeited.
  6. Keep playing for as long as you feel enjoyment, as long as time allows and as long as your finances allow. Play responsibly!

The game is very fast and decisions need to be made in fractions of a second. That's why Rocket Queen allows players to set up automatic winnings withdrawals when certain multipliers are reached. This allows you to apply additional game strategies or makes playing Rocket Queen more comfortable.

There's also the option to place two bets per round, but this feature is usually only used by experienced players with specific strategies.

Rocket Queen Demo

As with all games from 1win, Rocket Queen does not offer the option of playing for free with a demo account. All that is available to the player without making a deposit is watching other people play for real money. 

If you want to pick up a strategy or look at stats, the Rocket Queen demo as a spectator might be enough for you. But the minimum deposit at 1win is very small, and new players get a bonus on making it. So you can try out the game for real money straight away.

Popular Rocket Queen strategies

Our team of editors have tested and selected the most popular, interesting and safe Rocket Queen strategies. All of them are based on other famous crash rocket games for money, but they also work here.

A strategy of frugal play on low multipliers

The player only needs to set up automatic withdrawal of winnings or pick up the winnings himself when the rocket reaches low altitude. The player can choose a multiplier size from 1.01x to 2.0x.

For a beginner, this strategy will help him understand the mechanics of the game and get a quicker grasp of other strategies he can play. It is likely to soon become boring, and the chances of big winnings are ruled out.

Rocket Queen 1win 1.38x

Medium risk strategy

Analysis of player betting statistics in the review showed that this is the most popular strategy among Rocket Queen players. The only difference from the previous strategy is that the player is focused on multipliers greater than 2.0x

This strategy is also suitable for beginners, but it must be understood that it contains more risks.

Rocket Queen 1win 3.06x

Two-betting strategy with a safety net

When playing Rocket Queen on two bets it is possible to combine the two previous strategies. In one betting window a smaller bet (e.g. 2.0x) is specified. In the other window, the bet is higher (e.g. 12.0x).

The essence of the strategy is that a smaller bet can bring in a win with a higher probability and return some money if the other bet does not win.

Rocket Queen 1win 4.44x

Ladder betting strategy (Martingale)

The Martingale strategy is very similar to the ladder game and can be difficult for beginners to understand. But don't be put off by it, it is very simple and can yield big winnings.

For a better understanding of Rocket Queen, this strategy is best broken down into a few simple steps:

  1. Make a comfortable bet (no more than (5-7% of your bankroll is recommended);
  2. If the round is lost, double the bet (if the bet was 2$, set it to 4$);
  3. If the round is lost again, double the bet again (from 4$ to 8$);
  4. Continue to double up until the round is won;
  5. When the round is won, set your initial bet (ours was 2$).
  6. Moving on.

When playing this strategy, you need to assess your budget correctly, as each subsequent loss requires you to double your bet. Be careful, play responsibly and do not bet more than you can afford.

Rocket Queen 1win 26.41x

Reverse ladder strategy (reverse Martingale)

Like the previous strategy, this one can be difficult to understand, but very promising. It has some similarities to the previous Rocket Queen strategy, but it needs to be played differently:

  1. Make a comfortable bet (no more than (5-7% of your bankroll is recommended);
  2. If the round is lost, the betting amount does not change;
  3. After the winning round, the bet is doubled;
  4. Let's keep playing.

This strategy has less risk than the previous one. But the player should still keep a close eye on the game and the size of the bets.

Rocket Queen 1win 22.63x

High risk strategy (bloggers and high rollers)

It's hard to call this approach to the game a strategy, but if you want to feel the maximum excitement, it's the right one for you. 

The only thing to do in this strategy is to bet and wait for high multipliers (50.0x, 100.0x, 250.0x etc).

The higher the bet, the more adrenaline and excitement Rocket Queen brings with this strategy, as it can bring huge winnings. But remember, it all depends on luck and chance, you can both win a lot of money and lose it all quickly. Remember that, don't bet more than you can afford, keep an eye on your well-being and play responsibly.

Rocket Queen 1win 706.70x

Spins Queen is 1win's new game for slots lovers

Spins Queen 1win is a classic slot with a 5×4 playing field and a number of paylines from 10 to 100.

The game features 11 different symbols such as accessories and wardrobe items of our main character Spins Queen, letters (A, K, Q, J) and special Wild and Free Spins symbols.

Spins Queen 1win game is characterised by a huge number of paylines and a nice visual design inspired by Rocket Queen.

Spins Queen 1win

Download Rocket Queen or Spins Queen on iOS or Android

The only option to download Rocket Queen on iOS or Android is to download the official app from 1win. The official app has a number of advantages:

  • Much more comfortable than through a browser;
  • Better optimisation for devices than the web version;
  • Convenient account management, deposit and withdrawal of winnings;
  • The reliability and security of the account.

Download the official Rocket Queen App by going to the official website at the link below.

Rocket Queen Predictor Hack and signals

If you are thinking about downloading Predictor Hack and signals for Rocket Queen, you should think again about the need for this software. The various hacks, win predictors and betting signals cannot guarantee 100% results and have nothing to do with the algorithms of the game. 

1win uses a Probably Fair system in its games, which eliminates the possibility of tampering with the outcome and any credible game prediction. You can check this for yourself; every round of Rocket Queen can be tested for fairness.

Do not shift responsibility to Predictor Hack, signals, bots and other software or social media channels. Be vigilant and take sole responsibility for your losses or the credit for your winnings. Play responsibly!

Rocket Queen 1win Winners

Do you trust Rocket Queen and Spins Queen from 1win?

Throughout its existence, 1win Casino has gained a high level of popularity and trust from its players. The reliability of Rocket Queen at 1win is backed up by the Probably Fair security system, which guarantees the randomness of the results and provides full transparency of the game.

If a player has any doubts about the fairness of a round, they can check for themselves and make sure that Rocket Queen 1win is not cheating on its players.

Rocket Queen 1win and Spins Queen bonuses and promo codes

1win Casino is not known for a great variety of regular bonuses. The main one is the classic first deposit bonus for many casinos, which is up to 500%.

Any new player can get one, even without a promo code. But if you intend to find an actual Rocket Queen promo code, you can use our exclusive 1win promo code:


Other nice bonuses for 1win casino players include many limited-time promotions that allow you to get bonuses on other games. You can check them out after registering in the promotions and bonuses section in the main menu of the website. Keep an eye out for them, there might be some interesting offers just for you right now! 

1win Casino takes good care of its players and in addition to various promotions and bonuses provides a unique cashback programme. So if fortune doesn't smile on your face, don't be too upset. 1win Casino will give you back some of the money you lost, which you can continue to play or withdraw to your account.

Withdrawal and top-up methods

Making your first deposit to play Rocket Queen or Spins Queen and betting money is easy from almost anywhere in the world. The casino provides a multitude of deposit options with over 50 different types of currencies and many different ways to deposit.

If you want to play Rocket Queen on crypto, you can deposit with it. If you choose to deposit via bank card, no problem. E-wallet or Google Play? You're sure to find a convenient way for you to make a quick deposit.

It's the same with the withdrawal of your winnings. You will have no problem withdrawing money to the account you want. But as everywhere else, before attempting to deposit or withdraw money, you should familiarise yourself with the rules and restrictions for the chosen method.


Our project team conducted an in-depth analysis of Rocket Queen, conducted tests, interviewed regular players and tried betting on their own. The game really has every chance of success and is more popular than the famous Aviator.

We will continue to collect useful information for you about Rocket Queen. Keep an eye on our site for updates on bonuses, mechanics, strategies and more.

Our assessment: 9/10

Great graphics and optimisationNo demo
A striking new character in the gameA character can be a distraction from the game
Low entry threshold for new players
High winning odds

Rocket Queen player reviews at 1win

Our team has scoured the internet, we've done our own reviews of Rocket Queen and we've asked other 1win casino players for their opinions.

Average score:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9 stars (based on 110 votes)

Found out about the release of the new game from 1win from an online advertisement. With such a protagonist game, it's impossible to pass by and leave Rocket Queen unnoticed. I liked the last Lucky Jet, but got bored because of the visuals. I like this one a lot more.

It's clear from the start that the developers have targeted a male audience in the making of the game. At first I was sceptical about Rocket Queen and didn't want to play it. But after trying it I was convinced that the game was much more enjoyable and smoother, and the usual mechanics were retained.

Games from 1win are becoming more and more enjoyable to watch. The guys make some really quality games and Rocket Queen is proof of that. I like to come in and place a few small bets from time to time. What's really cool is that the rounds in the game are quick and you can play for 5-10 minutes during your lunch break.
I've been playing at the casino for over 10 years now and I'm very happy with the way the games have evolved. The graphics are becoming much more appealing and the main characters are getting more and more interesting. I think that after years of playing dull crash games about planes, Rocket Queen will become my favourite.

Rocket Queen is the best crash game at the moment, I'm sure it will overtake the old classic aeroplane games in popularity. It's a bit disappointing that there's no demo version, I'd play it more often. But glad that it can make very low stakes, and casino 1win allows you to make small deposits and gives bonuses.

Popular questions

✅ Where can I play Rocket Queen?

As this is an exclusive Rocket Queen cash game developed for 1win casino, it is only available there. On our website you can find up-to-date links to the 1win casino where Rocket Queen is available.

✅ Do I have to enter a promo code to register?

Entering a promo code is not a prerequisite for registering at 1win and does not give you any exclusive bonuses. It is invented for marketing and analytical purposes only. If you want to find an actual promo code, you can use our 1WINQUEEN promo code. This way you will help the development of the project and we will know that our information was useful to someone.

✅ Where can I find the Rocket Queen app?

The official app for playing Rocket Queen is the bookmaker's 1win app. With it, you can comfortably play any of the games available in the casino.

✅ How do I win at Rocket Queen?

There is no such thing as a universal win in a crash game, just like any other casino game. That's their main feature, that everything depends only on the player's luck at a certain point in time. Nevertheless, on our website you can find strategies that can be applied in Rocket Queen.

✅ Where can I find the Rocket Queen demo?

There is no Rocket Queen demo available. The game does not have a free version with virtual balance play. Without making a deposit, the player can only observe the gameplay and see the statistics of other players' wins and losses.

✅ Is Rocket Queen fair game?

1win Casino values its reputation and adds Probably Fair protection technology to its games. Its special feature is that no one can influence the outcome of a game, not even the casino owners, developers or hackers. It also allows players to check past rounds for fairness themselves at any time.

✅ What was the maximum winnings at Rocket Queen?

The maximum win at Rocket Queen is considered to be a win for the player with the nickname Vadim. He managed to win 119263$ with a bet of 133$. He took the win at odds of 899.20x.

Game screenshots

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