AviatriX is a unique crash game with the NFT

Description of AviatriX

This giving slot game is an authored by AviatriX. The game is based on the popular Aviator mechanics. Round begins with the takeoff of a small aircraft. The board is gaining altitude, in parallel, the final bet multiplier grows. The round is stopped at the moment when the cornplane explodes. The client's task is to collect the money before the end of the session. Players who have not had time to withdraw their winnings, lose the bet.

The developers of the slot divided the playing field into several sectors. Each block fulfils a certain task:

  1. In the centre is the main screen of the game. There you can see the take-off of the aircraft, the final multiplier, the explosion of the aircraft.
  2. At the bottom there are 2 buttons for making bets. There you can also set the automatic game settings.
  3. On the right side there is a table with additional information. It is possible to get acquainted with the cryptographic algorithm of provable honesty, leaderboards, current bets of users.
  4. At the top, the AviatriX developers have placed a bar with the results of the last 20 rounds. This information can be used when forming a strategy.
aviatrix play

The game session can stop at multiplier x1.00 or reach x10000. The last variants are very rare, but customers note that sometimes they manage to take such winnings.

Automatic withdrawal can be made at x1.01 and higher. Autocheckout has additional settings. The company offers to terminate the process if the total win or loss exceeds the values set by the client. 

A special feature of the slot is the ability to customise the aircraft. If desired, AviatriX players can change the colour of the fuselage, tail feathers, wings, engine compartment. For this purpose it is necessary to:

  1. Start a slot.
  2. Click on the "Create" button. It is located in the upper left corner.
  3. Set the required colours.
  4. Confirm Action.
aviatrix game

You can also enter a username. Customised planes participate in the company's tournaments. Valuable prizes at the level of 100 thousand euros await the winners!

The aviatrix slot has the following features:

🎰 DeveloperAviatrix
✅ Release date06.2022
🎲 Type of gameCrash simulator
❤️ Game featuresAircraft customisation, fast play, big wins, reliability
💲 Min. rate0.1$
💵 Max. rate10$
🏆 Maximum multiplier10000x
🥇 Maximum winnings100000$
🔥 RTP97.1%
⚡️ Max. number of bets per round2
🎮 Round history20 rounds
⚙️ Pause between rounds5 sec.
🔒 Protection technologyProvably Fair
Features of Aviatrix slot

Benefits of AviatriX

AviatriX is a classic crash-type slot. The game stops the round at any moment, which allows customers to choose different betting strategies. The use of unique bankroll distribution systems allows you to count on an increase in the final profit.

The slot has proven fairness. That is, if necessary, the player can check the results of each round himself. This eliminates the risks of data falsification on the part of the casino.

A demo version of the simulation is available to users. The casino gives free credits and allows you to test betting strategies without spending real money.

AviatriX has several betting fields, which allows you to play with insurance in every round. Also to the advantages can be attributed the possibility to automate the withdrawal of winnings. This reduces the risks of errors due to human factor.

There are own tournaments for the game. Participation in these tournaments will allow you to get an additional prize and earn much more money.

The company is developing a simulator. In the near future, a trading platform will be added to AviatriX. This functionality is already at the development stage.

The strengths of the simulation include compatibility with smartphones. The game adapts to gadgets with any display, which allows you to bet even with one-handed gestures. You can use the slot on Android, iOS and other operating systems. When developing the software, programmers use HTML5. This technology allows you to run the game even with a slow internet connection.

How to play AviatriX

The simplified gameplay is an absolute plus for AviatriX. You won't have to memorise combinations of symbols or adjust the number of winning lines. The player needs to:

  1. Go through the casino registration process.
  2. Refill the balance of the personal account and collect the bonus.
  3. Start the game.
  4. Enter the bet amount in the appropriate field. Click on the blue "Bet" button.
  5. Wait for the round to start and for the aircraft to take off. Press the green "Land" button when the multiplier stops at the desired values.
aviatrix 1win play

The casino balance is integrated with the AviatriX slot balance. Therefore, you will not have to buy coins and convert them into real money. 

Game demo

AviatriX has a demo version. Spending money to make bets is not necessary. With the help of these developments casino customers can:

  1. Test strategies for free.
  2. Entertain and have fun.
  3. Familiarise yourself with the features of the slot.

After starting the trial period, players are awarded a fixed number of coins. If the virtual credits run out, the casino user can restart AviatriX. 

To switch on the test period it is enough to put the cursor on the slot icon and click on the "Demo" button. After studying the apparatus, you can make real investments and switch on the full version.

Best Strategies Aviatrix

AviatriX game differs from classic slots by the possibility to use different betting strategies. There are enough tactics. Let's consider the main models of the game in more detail.


A classic tactic for slots of this type. The player needs to put autokeshout at the mark x2.00 and double the size of the bet after each loss. If you win, you need to return to the initial bet. One win will recoup the past losses and allow you to get into the plus. The client's final earnings are equal to the size of the first bet.

At low ratios

This tactic is popular among beginners. Players set the automatic withdrawal on multipliers up to x1.50. The amount of the bet during the game does not change. The probability of falling out of low odds is very high. Therefore, winning rounds will not have to wait long.

aviatrix mobile app
aviatrix play mobile


When using this strategy, the player needs to increase the size of the bet after each victory. In case of defeat it is necessary to leave the bet size at the same values. 

At high ratios

This model of the game is suitable for fans of risky bets. The user needs to wait for multipliers x4.00 and higher. After that it is necessary to take the winnings. 

Insurance rates

This tactic of playing AviatriX involves the need for 2 bets per round. One bet can be picked up at a multiplier of x2.00, and the other at higher values. When doubling the beta, the client will come out at 0 even if the second game turns out to be a loser. In the case of winning both bets will be able to take a very good prize.

Download Aviatrix on mobile

AviatriX game can not be downloaded to mobile phones yet. The company has not yet released an application for the said simulation. However, players can download the casino APP and play through this programme if necessary. To download the software for Android devices, users need to:

  1. Open the casino site from your smartphone.
  2. Go to the applications section.
  3. Download the installation programme.
  4. Open your smartphone settings.
  5. Allow installation of software from other manufacturers.
  6. Go to the downloads folder.
  7. Click on the downloaded file.
  8. Confirm the installation of the programme.

It usually takes no more than 1-2 minutes to do all this. After installing the casino app, you can launch AviatriX and place your bets.

Predictor hack and signals

The game is protected by all security standards. The slot works on a random number generator. Predict the time of stopping the round is impossible. It is impossible to hack the game, as the developers spend millions on software protection.

Fair play

AviatriX runs on an algorithm of proven honesty. In a special section you can see the following seed and hash. This excludes the possibility of adjusting the algorithm and fixing a predetermined multiplier.

Bonuses and promo codes for players Avitrix

The casino offers different support options for players. Dozens of unique promos are waiting for customers:

  1. Bonus for registration and first deposit.
  2. Promo code for increased activity on the site.
  3. Birthday gifts.
  4. Cashback for a set reporting period.
  5. Social media giveaways and more.

The company is not stingy with interesting promotions. Therefore, there will be no difficulties with getting prizes in principle. The casino gives the simplest conditions for wagering money. 

aviatrix bonuses

Deposit and withdrawal of winnings

The slot balance is integrated with the casino deposit. Therefore, you will not have to separately deposit money into the game and collect your winnings. 

Account replenishment is as fast as possible. The developers offer an extremely convenient service for clients:

  1. Visit the casino's website.
  2. Log in to your personal account.
  3. You click on the Cashier's section.
  4. You choose any of the options available for recharge.
  5. Enter the amount and details.
  6. Confirm the action on the payment page.

The casino offers to deposit via bank cards, internet wallets, cryptocurrency. Limits are individual for each system.

Withdrawal of winnings takes place after authorisation on the casino site. Then you need to go to the main menu and click on the button for withdrawal. After that, you should select the method, specify the amount and send the application for consideration. Withdrawals to online wallets and cryptocurrency accounts usually last no more than 30-40 minutes. Withdrawal to a card can take up to several banking days.

Attention! Sometimes you have to go through account identification before withdrawing money.

Aviatrix player reviews at 1win

Our team collects not only Rocket Queen reviews, but also reviews of other similar games and so here are the collected Avitrix reviews at 1win Casino.

Average score:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 stars (based on 307 votes)

Mark Gerovghian
At last they started to think more about the players! The ability to make your own aircraft has been missing from rocket and aeroplane games for a very long time. Great game!

Nikolay Zvonarev
It's like a pumped up version of JetX from Smartsoft Gaming. Personally, I slightly miss the extra animations like there. But even without that, Aviatrix has earned a place among my favourite crash games. Especially after I managed to make money on it.

Anastasia Saur
Of course the theme of aeroplanes will seem uninteresting to girls, but that's until you try to play it. Here you can paint your aeroplane and earn money!
Pablo Milanzo
Aviatrix has definitely brought something new to the world of crash games. After Aviator appeared and monotonous games started to come out, it became very boring. But Aviatrix changed that.

Sveta Solod
Aviatrix should definitely get the award for the best casino game of the year. Besides the fact that in the game you can fly your own aircraft, during the game we can see other participants in the sky. Previously, they could only be seen in the table.

Popular questions

✅ Does the game have a jackpot?

No, there is no progressive super prize in the game. However, the maximum multiplier can stop at the x10000 level!

✅ Should I buy signals for AviatriX?

It is impossible to predict the development of events in the slot. Do not waste your time and money.

✅ Where can I find a slot?

The game can be found on the website of popular online casinos. But personally we recommend to pay attention to 1win casino, which is reliable and gives attractive bonuses.

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