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Rocket Game Description Space XY

Space XY is a crash slot for those who like to conquer the stars. You will have to jump into a space rocket and fly to incredible heights. However, you need to remain cautious. The slot can stop the game at any moment. Customers who did not manage to jump off the rocket will lose money.

The game has a classic for such developments design. Visually the screen is divided into 3 blocks:

1. On the left side of Space XY the developers have placed a payout table. It contains the nicknames of players who are currently using the slot, their bets and winnings. In the upper left corner the developers have placed the button for the main menu, sound on and off.

Space XY bet

2. The main game board is made in the form of a graph. At the beginning of the coordinates there is a rocket of white colour. After launching the round it gains altitude. The movement goes on a parabola. The higher the rocket rises, the greater the multiplier. By the time the round is over, the rocket explodes. The received multiplier becomes the final one.

Space XY game

3. At the bottom there are buttons to place bets. By default, the slot offers 2 fields for playing. However, players can hide one of the blocks if they wish.

Space XY slot

At the top of the slot, the manufacturers have placed the odds scale. The slot shows the results of the last 10 rounds. This information can be used when making a betting strategy.

Advantages of Space XY over other games

Space XY is an easy to master slot. Casino client will not have to memorise complex combinations, study the features of the game in the regular and bonus round. Mastering is as simple as possible. 

The game is suitable for different strategies. You can apply tactics on low and high odds, use the popular Martingale system. The choice of options depends on the user's willingness to risk, the size of the bank and other factors.

The Space XY game is optimised for mobile devices. The slot can be launched on iOS and Android. The generation of the operating system does not play a role. On the rocket will be able to earn even from old gadgets. At the same time, the developers of the slot used HTML5 technology. It allows you to adjust the size of the image to the actual size of the device. Play conveniently from small smartphones and large tablets. Optimised design allows you to operate the slot even with one hand.

BGaming created a demo version of the game. Every online casino visitor can run a trial period of the slot and evaluate the technical capabilities. The test version will allow you to get acquainted with the slot in detail without spending a single penny.

Space XY has a theoretical return multiplier of 97%. On average, the round ends on a multiplier x1.00 only in 3 cases out of 100. In all other sessions the machine will give a win.

The slot offers a variety of settings to automate the game. It is possible to set an automatic cashout. The minimum multiplier, at which it will be possible to take the prize, reaches the mark of x1.05. Also, customers can put the desired number of autorounds.

Space XY mobile

How to play Space XY from BGaming

The crash game Space XY offers simple and straightforward mechanics. To make a bet, the user needs to:

  1. Go to a casino platform that features the Space XY game.
  2. Make an account or log in to your personal account.
  3. Top up the balance for the required amount.
  4. Start the game.
  5. Set the bet size through the lower scale. To do this, you need to click on the bet button and select the values offered by the slot.
  6. Set automatic output (if necessary).
  7. Click on "Put" and wait for the rocket to launch.
  8. Click on "Take" when the slot reaches the required multiplier.
Space XY how to play

The client can make 2 bets at the same time. After the end of the round the player receives the winnings if he managed to take the money before the rocket explodes.

Free demo Space XY from BGaming

BGaming is one of the best gaming software producers in the world. The company offers test versions for most automatic games. You can also play Space XY for free. The peculiarities of the test period consist of several points:

  1. The slot does not change its algorithm and RTP. Full and test versions of Space XY have a theoretical return rate of 97%. This means that the betting tactics created in the demo can be used when playing for money. There will be no fundamental changes in the work of the slot.
  2. Demonstration at many casinos is available even for unregistered users. You can test the features of the slot without registering an account and logging in to your personal account.
  3. The trial period is available on all platforms. You can play Space XY for free from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. 
  4. When the game balance is zeroed, the client only needs to refresh the slot. The operator will re-accrue free credits and allow to continue the fun.
Demo Space XY BGaming

To launch a Space XY Demo game, simply search for the slot in the casino, hover over the preview and select the appropriate button in the pop-up menu.

Attention! Some online casinos do not have a test period for this game.

Best Strategies to play Space XY

Space XY can be adapted to different gaming strategies. It is impossible to predict the final multiplier, so it is necessary to correctly distribute the bank. There are several betting tactics. Some of them can give a good advantage on the distance.

At low ratios

In this case, the user should take the winnings until the multiplier reaches x1.50. It is possible to set up an automatic cashout at the required profitability, and you can withdraw profits manually. The tactics are based on statistics. Multipliers less than 1.50 are found much more often than others.

Doubling up on defeat

For the slot Space XY perfectly suited tactics Martingale. The essence of the system is maximally simplified. To get to the plus you need to double the size of the beta after each defeat. The winnings must be removed when the rocket reaches a multiplier x2.00. One win will recoup past misses and allow you to get into the plus side. Net profit is equal to the initial bet. After receiving the prize you need to return to the starting bet.

Double when you win

This tactic is also called anti-martingale by some players. The user's task is to double the size of the bet after the rocket reaches x2.00 and take the winnings on the same multiplier. Space XY is a serial slot. That is, quite often the machine gives several rounds with results greater than x2.00 in a row. The player needs to put the initial bet, when winning to raise the bet 2 times. In the case of a new victory to return to the starting amount.

At high ratios

Many players prefer to pick up winnings when the rocket reaches x4.00 or higher. The tactic is risky, as such multipliers do not fall out very often. However, even one win will pay off 3-4 losses in a row.

With insurance

This tactic is considered one of the riskiest. However, it often gives large winnings. The client of the casino needs to set 2 autokeshout: at x2.00 and x3.00. When the maximum multiplier is reached, the player will earn a substantial profit. However, in the worst scenarios will lose 2 bets at once.

Download Space XY on mobile or PC

BGaming has adapted the slot for different devices. However, it will not be possible to download the Space XY app to smartphones and tablets. Players can only install casino APPs and play through them. The installation rules depend on the type of operating system:

  1. Android owners first need to download the APK file of the casino and install the programme with it. After that, you can create an account, log in to your personal account and launch Space XY.
  2. iPhone owners need to download the application from the App Store. However, there is one nuance. Users from Russia first need to change the geolocation settings. It is not possible to bet casino software in the Russian version of the App Store. Many gambling brands release official applications only for Android.

There is no information about the launch time of APP Space XY. BGaming has no plans to publish such software yet.

Predictor hack and signals

The provider uses a multi-level data protection system. Therefore, it is impossible to hack Space XY and determine the signals at which the rocket will explode. 

Fair play

BGaming uses a proven honesty algorithm in its slots. Space XY works on the basis of a random number generator. The game stops the round at any moment. There is no way to influence this process.

Bonuses and promo codes for players Space XY

There are no separate bonuses for Space XY players. However, many online casinos offer customers a tiered support system. It is designed for new users and experienced players:

  1. Bonus on account registration and first deposit. Casinos pay out a certain percentage of the starting deposit up to set maximum values.
  2. Cashback for losses. Many companies compensate a part of losses with a refund. Usually such promos have the lowest possible wager.
  3. Loyalty programme. For active play and betting casinos offer customers additional gifts.
Space XY bonus promo

Each site has its own elements of user support. Some companies periodically organise quizzes and give gifts for making a deposit. 

Deposit and withdrawal of winnings

The slot balance is combined with the casino account. Bets are deducted immediately from the gambler's deposit. The received winnings are also transferred to the main balance. 

There will be no need to conduct separate transactions for Space XY. A player to deposit money in the casino needs to:

  1. Authorise on the platform.
  2. Go to your personal cabinet and select the section with recharge.
  3. Tick the desired method.
  4. Fill in the details and make the payment.

Casinos try to provide players with a variety of deposit methods. Usually, you can use cards, cryptocurrency, and e-wallets to deposit money.

You can withdraw money from your personal casino cabinet. Winnings are allowed to take to the methods used to deposit. You need to go to the Personal Cabinet, click on the withdrawal button, specify the method, form and send a request.

Popular questions

✅ Which casinos have Space XY?

The slot can be found at Pin Up, 1Win and several other popular online casinos.

✅ Can I play from my tablet?

Yes, the slot is available to play from different devices.

✅ Can I bet for free?

Yes, you will need to run the demo version to do this.

Space XY screenshots

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